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What is a doula?

A doula is a trained, non-medical professional who provides continuous emotional and physical support to a woman during labor and birth. A doula is trained in various comfort measures that can be utilized during the labor and birth process, such as positioning, breathing, and relaxation. A doula can also provide information and explanation of events during labor, and emotional support, as well as encourage communication with care providers. A doula can also assist a partner in supporting the laboring mother.

A doula does not perform any clinical or medical tasks, such as vaginal exams or fetal heart rate monitoring. For more information about what doulas do and do not do, as well as the evidence for the benefit of doulas, please click here for a doula fact sheet.

Where do you attend births?

I have experience with home, birth center, and hospital births. I am happy to attend births at any location within approximately 40 miles of my 21220 zip code.

Are doulas just for women planning a natural birth?

A doula is an invaluable resource for women planning a natural birth, but all women can benefit from the support of a doula. I have worked with clients who have had home births, birth center births, unmedicated hospital births, medicated hospital births, and both unplanned and planned cesareans. My role is to support women as they journey along their own personal path into motherhood.

Does a doula replace a partner's role at the birth?

No one can replace the emotional support that the intimate connection between you and your partner can provide. Having a trained professional who is experienced in childbirth present during your labor and birth can ease the stress and burden of a partner to remember all the details learned in books and childbirth classes. I help to facilitate an environment in which your partner can focus on being an emotional support to you and being truly present for the wonder of the birth of your child.

What kind of training or education do you have?

Training and education are very important to me. I completed my initial workshop in order to become a doula in 2009. Since that time, I have continued to seek out opportunities to increase my knowledge and improve my skills as a doula. Birth continues to be my biggest teacher, and I learn something new from every single birth I attend. In addition, I have completed the following courses and/or workshops: